The unanswerable case for social housing: Research report launch

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Capital Economics research that shows the fiscal and economic sense for building homes for social rent. You can read the report by clicking here.

Since its launch the SHOUT campaign for social housing, in association with the National Federation of ALMOs, have been working to demonstrate that there are long term economic benefits of investing for the future through the construction of homes at social rents.

This research has been conducted by the leading independent macroeconomic research company, “Capital Economics”. Throughout, the SHOUT campaign has been a cross-party initiative, promoting the value of housing at social rents across the political spectrum. Today, this report makes the economic case for investing in homes that are let at genuinely affordable rents.

The report makes a clear case for social rented homes. Recognising that there are different types of government spending, the research shows that long-term infrastructure investment, while requiring a short-term, fractionally small provision of capital, will save hundreds of billions of pounds over the longer term.

This research is a rigorous examination of a range of exemplar households and investment structures in different geographical locations. It compares the economic and fiscal case for long term infrastructure investment against the model of preceding years, which risks an ever-increasing cost to government and taxpayers through an ever-rising Housing Benefit bill.

Although not quantified in the report, the research considers that there will be additional savings to be made through better health outcomes, promoting stable families and the advantages of a safe, decent, affordable home to support education and employment.

We're proud to have been involved in the production of this report, and would like to extend our warmest thanks to all those people who have backed the publication of the report through kind donations, to our friends at the National Federation of ALMOs and to Capital Economics for making such a  compelling economic case.

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    UPDATED October 2016 Capital Economics report: Building Social Rent homes
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