The National Housing Federation proposes to make a voluntary "offer" to government on the Right to Buy. Housing Associations have been asked to vote on the proposal by 5pm on Friday. This is SHOUT's statement in response.

"SHOUT campaigns for an increase in 100,000 social rented homes each year. Our position on the Right to Buy is that there should be genuine like-for-like replacement, by tenure and by area.

"The voluntary offer being made by the National Housing Federation to the government does not achieve this and will lead to a net reduction in social rented housing.

"Furthermore, SHOUT is concerned over the lack of debate and transparency surrounding this offer. Six working days is not a practical timetable with the information currently available to allow 1,100 housing associations to make a good governance decision based on "timely and accurate information",  or to consult properly with their tenants and other stakeholders.

 "We are therefore opposed to this offer being made at this time and within the proposed timescale."


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  • Mary Ward
    Not all tenants agree with you
  • Andrew Watson
  • Anthony Bailey
    Lack of transparency, consultation and parliamentary debate, It’s the same sort of process that was used to sell off the Royal Mail.

    From the perspective of Housing Associations voting ‘yes’ its like turkeys voting for Christmas.
  • Eric Smith
    Is Today the end of Social Housing?? Might well be I think SHOUT should SHOUT a little louder now and start organising protest marches, Rallies and anything that can stop this madness. Once again the poor in our Society lose out Who cares?? Do we??
    UPDATED October 2016 Capital Economics report: Building Social Rent homes
    SHOUT Supports ending the Housing Crisis in a Generation