Sheffield City Council pass SHOUT resolution


Sheffield City Council is the latest local authority to pass a resolution supporting SHOUT. Can you get your Council to support?


That this Council:

a) supports the launch of the SHOUT (Social Housing Under Threat) campaign on 18 June 2014.

b) agrees with SHOUT that building social housing - social rented homes - is at the core of tackling the housing crisis nationally and locally in Sheffield and that social rented housing meets needs that other tenures cannot address;

c) notes under the coalition government the funding of social housing has become increasingly marginalised with the latest prospectus for bidders from the Homes and Community Agency stating that 'social rent provision will only be supported in very limited circumstances.';

d) welcomes the action taken by the present administration to put in place plans to build 800 new council houses in the city, however, recognises that many more houses could be built with greater levels of investment;

e) regrets that social housing faces great challenges in meeting the needs of those affected by welfare cuts and rule changes over the last three years, including the damaging bedroom tax ,and increased pressure from the escalating number of council homes lost through the Right to Buy.

f) is appalled at recent cynical attempts by the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg MP, to feign opposition to the Bedroom Tax, which he implemented as part of the coalition government and believes that the bedroom tax should be abolished, not reformed as Nick Clegg suggested; and

g) therefore resolves to support the work of the SHOUT campaign and take a lead in affirming the positive value and purpose of social rented housing.

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