SHOUT response to amended Housing & Planning Bill

Ahead of the Housing and Planning Bill moving to the House of Lords, SHOUT - the campaign for genuinely affordable social housing, has updated its Parliamentary Briefing on the areas of the new legislation which pose challenges to the core goals of our campaign -providing safe and decent homes that people can afford to live in.

Our research on the Bill as it stands can be read by clicking here.

This briefing covers issues around Starter Homes, the Pay To Stay policy, the extension of the Right To Buy to Housing associations, the mandatory sale of high value council properties and the deregulation of housing associations. Although many of the peers involved in the debate will have extensive knowledge about the far-reaching consequences of the Bill, SHOUT encourages all our followers to make as many of them as possible aware of the issues before the debate, which may be happening as early as next week, commencing 25/01/2016.

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  • Opal R. Brown
    This bill has brought lot of hopes in the people who are not have home to themselves. The partnership with Construction Company can help the government to do the work very fast in building the houses for the homeless people. I hope this bill will be passed without any hurdles because it is meant for people safety.
  • paulette newell
    This bill should not go ahead, this country should be proud to say it provides long term housing for those who cannot afford to buy, which was created by this government, just saying. What are they thinking do they not understand what is going on , the solution is build more houses, allow people to stay in their homes, this builds good credit, communities, safety, I for one would not give up my home without a fight because I have invested so much time and effect in it to make it look nice, If this government can allow so many people into the country free of charge then it should be the very people who are the foundation of this country that as worked hard past and present more opportunities and rights to where they live.
  • Liz Young
    Everyone deserves to have a home in which they can call their own, in order to be safe,. Social housing was and is for people who cannot afford a place of their own, not everyone can afford to save for a deposit. The housing and planning bill should NOT go ahead.
    UPDATED October 2016 Capital Economics report: Building Social Rent homes
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