Can you spare 5 minutes? Email your MP about social housing

Everybody involved with SHOUT is very proud of the report we jointly commissioned with National Federation of ALMOs and the great reception it has had, but the hard work continues.

We would love all of our supporters to get involved with the campaign and one easy way is to do so is to spare five minutes of your time and follow these six easy steps.

By emailing your MP and asking them to read the Building New Social Rent Homes report you will be helping to raise awareness of all the economic and social benefits that building social housing can bring.

We've even drafted an example email to save you time. Click here to see our easy guide to sending that email and giving yourself a voice. 

Also, we would love to hear what responses your get from your MP so please post in the comments or email us with the replies that you get back.

Help us to raise awareness that building social housing will not just create more homes but it will save billions of pounds in the process.

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    UPDATED October 2016 Capital Economics report: Building Social Rent homes
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