Submission for 2017 Budget

SHOUT - The Campaign for Social Housing - has made a submission to the Treasury to suggest that the country can take a more efficient, sustainable approach to national investment, to beat the housing crisis

Our submission summarises that:

Current policy and allocation of public spending on housing low-income households is not fiscally sustainable or economically efficient, and is a significant contributor to rising homelessness.

Lack of housing supply is a longstanding, and very serious, weakness in the British economy.

Government investment in new housing at rents which are genuinely affordable to those on lower incomes would be good value for money for the taxpayer and is an essential part of boosting total housebuilding to economically sustainable levels.

The Budget needs to set out a fair, sustainable and consistent settlement for rents and welfare entitlement in the social housing sector.

This should include a specific housing allowance for care and supported housing, at a level which enables providers to continue provision and develop new stock. Not doing so risks significant cost-shunting into already overstretched social care and health budgets.

The full submission to the Autumn 2017 Budget can be found by clicking here.

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