The Good Right suggests a Conservative government must consider building Social Housing

Conservative Party activist Tim Montgomerie has launched a 12-point manifesto for 'compassionate conservatism', the first point of which lays out the importance of investment for government-funded construction of social housing.

The building of social homes appears to form part of a wider goal to rebuild what The Good Right describe as "the idea of a property owning democracy", suggesting that the construction of homes would continue to be tempered by existing or future Right To Buy policies. Whilst further details of the policy would need to be examined carefully, the recognition that current Right To Buy homes are not being replaced on a 1 for 1 basis is an important starting point.

The policy suggestion also recognises the importance of building a national asset with long-term energy efficiency goals. There are no specific details about how the construction of social housing would be funded and details of whether social or un'affordable' rents would be set are also not detailed within the brief policy description.

In the wake of the Green Party proposing the construction of 100,000 social rented homes per year, this is further good news for the SHOUT campaign, as representatives of another party grasp the importance of good quality social housing. We hope that it prompts a response from parties that have not announced specific housing policy goals as the 2015 General Election approaches.

This is the full text of The Good Right housing proposal:

"A Harold Macmillan-sized, state-supported housebuilding programme to cut the future cost of housing benefits and to rebuild the idea of a property owning democracy again (Blog for the Chartered Institute for Housing). The homes should be designed to the highest environmental standards in order to secure long-term energy efficiency. If Simon Wolfson is correct the return on converting greenfields in prosperous parts of Britain into new garden cities will more than pay for itself in the decades ahead."

The full 12-point manifesto can be read here.

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