CIH research reveals worrying volume of homes lost to social rent.

Writing in a piece on, John Perry of the Chartered Institute for Housing explains that data in the forthcoming UK Housing Review 2015 shows that the rate at which homes for social rent are being lost has increased year-on-year. During 2013, 19,189 homes were lost to social rent, but during 2014, this had escalated rapidly to 43,850 homes.

As increased discounts for Right To Buy erode the stock held by Local Authorities, Housing Associations are losing genuine social rents through conversions to the Affordable Rent model.

At a time when government grant has been completely removed for the construction of genuine social housing, John highlights that 17,000 homes have been lost to Local Authorities through Right To Buy, and as a result of the Affordable Homes Policy, are only being replaced with homes let at higher 'affordable' rents.

Over the lifetime of the current AHP, 2011-2015, the report reveals that 75,000 homes have been lost to social rents. Outside London, the increase in rents averages out at an additional third - often met through the housing benefit bill, and inside London the premium for conversion to 'affordable' rent is an additional two thirds.

John's Commentary on the report, and a call for the government to include social housing in any strategic plans for housebuilding can be read here at 24Dash, and more information from the report is available in a piece on The Guardian covering the original CIH announcement.



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