Nottingham City Council sign SHOUT resolution

Nottingham City Council have joined the growing number of local councils to pass an amendment that notes the value of homes in which people can afford to live.

As private rents and unmanageable 'affordable' rents grow increasingly out of reach of many people and in the absence of any coherent national policy from any political party to address the housing crisis, the involvement of local authorities in committing to local homes people can afford to live in becomes ever more important.

Nottingham City Council has committed:

To consider a motion in the name of Councillor Liversidge

This Council recognises that good housing is at the centre of enabling people to achieve their ambitions in life. Without a stable and secure home it becomes impossible to get and hold down a job or for young people to succeed at school.

This Council notes that Post-War British Governments increased house-building to nearly 300,000 homes a year in England by 1954, of which almost 200,000 were social rented homes. A peak of over 350,000 new homes was reached in 1968 in England, of which 150,000 were social rented and 200,000 private. In 1981 councils and housing associations owned 5.2 million rented homes in England. By 2012 this had fallen to 4 million, a loss of 1.2 million homes.

This Council further notes that:

i. Under the coalition government the funding of social housing has become increasingly marginalised with the latest prospectus for bidders from the Homes and Community Agency stating that 'social rent provision will only be supported in very limited circumstances.'

ii. Social housing faces great challenges in meeting the needs of those affected by welfare cuts and rule changes over the last three years, including the damaging ‘bedroom tax’, and increased pressure from the escalating number of council homes lost through the Right to Buy after the significant increase in discount in April 2012 from the coalition government.

This Council resolves to support the SHOUT (Social Housing Under Threat) campaign. It agrees with SHOUT that building social housing – social rented homes – is at the core of tackling the housing crisis nationally and locally in Nottingham and that social rented housing meets needs that other tenures cannot address. This Council along with Nottingham City Homes also commits to take a lead in affirming the positive value and purpose of social rented housing.

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