London Assembly passes motion to support SHOUT

The London Assembly has passed a motion in support of SHOUT, calling on the Mayor, Boris Johnson to publicly support our campaign. The full text of the motion, proposed by Darren Johnson AM and seconded by Andrew Dismore AM reads as follows:

  1. “This Assembly believes that building social rented homes must be the core of the Mayor’s strategy to tackle London’s housing crisis.

    This Assembly regrets that funding social rented housing has become increasingly marginalised in favour of the less affordable and less secure ‘affordable rent’ policy, and regrets that existing social rented homes are being lost due to conversions to affordable rent, sales through the revived right to buy and demolitions assisted by the Estate Regeneration Fund.

    This Assembly therefore resolves to support the SHOUT (Social Housing Under Threat) campaign, taking a lead in affirming the positive value and purpose of social rented housing. This Assembly also calls on the Mayor of London to publicly support the campaign, and to consider how the GLA can deliver a programme of new social rented homes.” 

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