Gateshead Council approve SHOUT resolution


Gateshead Council passes resolution supporting the SHOUT campaign, joining Cambridge. It would be great if more Councils did the same.


18 September 2014

Moved by Councillor Lynne Caffrey

"The Council notes that:
i) The Local Government Association (LGA) has recently highlighted the importance of affordable homes in meeting the housing aspirations of our people;
ii) The SHOUT campaign (Social Housing Under Threat) was launched in June 2014 by housing professionals to promote the importance of social rented housing as a major part of solving the national housing crisis;
iii) Gateshead has been cited by the LGA as a good practice example of providing affordable homes despite reduced Government funding for this work since 2010;
iv) Affordable housing is essential to the economic wellbeing of Gateshead, as investment in affordable house building creates jobs and provides a long-term, valuable social asset;
v) Our ability to provide affordable housing for our people has been restricted by welfare cuts, the 'bedroom tax' and homes lost through Right to Buy.

The Council therefore resolves:

i) To support the SHOUT campaign and their aim to have 'a genuinely
affordable, flourishing and fair social housing sector';

ii) To ask the Chief Executive and other officers of the Council to continue working to maximise the supply of affordable housing, including social rented housing where appropriate, and to use housing supply to stimulate economic growth and jobs."

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